Catnip mice carnage

The first two arrive, it’s just the beginning…

Am I ever going to finish these stupid catnip mice? I am making a whole bunch of them for our kitties and as gifts for other kitties. I made some years ago for Kim and Bridget’s kitties and they are still their favorite toys! So, by request I am making them a few plus some extras (13 in all) but the operative word is making because every time I bust out the catnip my cats get freaky. I know that I need to just shut the bedroom door and lock them out but I have forgotten both times to do that…next time I will. First Bo comes sniffing around, nostrils twitching and eyes big in anticipation of the mayhem that will ensue. Suddenly Seamus comes bounding onto the bed and it’s total chaos. Eventually most of the kitties make their way to the bedroom and Riona is squealing at them in glee as half finished catnip mice start flying, their scrap stuffing hanging out of their half sewed bodies.

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