Demolition Dog aka Biscuit

Yeah, he’s cute and his ears stand up which makes him a candidate for lot of hugs, head pattings and ear rubbing. In fact, he is my favorite dog to rub and pat on the head and dress up in peasant-worker kerchiefs.

But don’t let that sweet face fool you because this dog is psychotic. Really, really messed up. Something snapped in his pretty little head one day and now he is big ol’ pain in the rear.
Because he has terrible storm anxiety and I just don’t have any sympathy for him anymore. I don’t. I’ll admit it without any guilt. Because after a dog repeatedly 1. destroys doors in your house, 2.chews up rugs, 3.chews huge holes through your walls, 4.breaks into your house-I’m not kidding, he did! We came home to our dogs running loose and the door knob mangled. We called the cops and they checked it out, told us it was a good thing we had these dogs to scare the burglars away and split. Then we looked a little closer and realized it wasn’t burglars, it was Biscuit, 5. goes through a glass window and 6.tears up the outside of your house to get in during a storm….well, you might still have some love in your heart for him (and I do) but the sympathy just sort of disappears after a while, kind of like money does when you have to spend it all at Home Depot.

Yes, our doors are really that dirty, but we live in the country and we have a lot of dogs and well, who cares. Ok, so notice the big droplet of blood on the door. That ain’t nothing. This dog has worn-down nubbins for teeth and once when Riona was just three weeks old, he went through the glass window, nearly severing a main artery and leaving huge streaks and pools of blood everywhere. We came home to what looked like a slaughterhouse. I was in the middle of some serious Postpartum OCD. Not the cute and quirky kind on tv where the guy in a suit dusts his blinds for the twentieth time or arranges the fruit on the dining room table just so. Nope, the ugly kind, The Devil is in the Details kind where I could barely function for the bad thoughts constantly flashing through my twitchy brain and the detailed,compulsive rituals that followed. Let me just say again, there was blood everywhere.
Anyway, this is Biscuit’s latest ‘home improvement’ effort and truthfully I am grateful that he didn’t actually make it inside the house and that he is ok. Kathleen found him wandering about their house and took him in until we could get back from…ha ha…Home Depot. Usually we put him in our tornado shelter (yep, we have one and it is SO cool) when it is storming and we have to leave the house, but last night it was only raining so we put him in the cinderblock enforced kennel with Mollie. Well, I suppose I’ve learned my lesson because apparently even if the sky is just a little grey Biscuit turns into Demolition Dog and needs his cool dark shelter-den. Oh well, I suppose it’s time to go to Home Depot again!

One thought on “Demolition Dog aka Biscuit

  1. oh man… that would scare the bejebus outta me to see a dog tearing into a house! though my parents jack russel used to burrow in the vinyl tile… wow!


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