Hugging kitties

It’s true. In fact as we speak I’m having my second (and last, I’m a lightweight now) whiskey and soda while Riona is napping, if you can call this a nap. She went to sleep at the very late hour of 4pm and now it is 8pm. Wow! We walked through the woods to visit The Fam then came back home about 3 hours later after an awesome lunch of apples, hamburgers and homemade mac & cheese. My Mama is the best cook! It has been such a gorgeous day. Tropical Storm Faye has brought us cool breezes and a soft rain all day, which is just glorious for an August day here in the Deep South. When we got home Riona didn’t want to stop wandering about in the woods. So we walked east to the hammocks

then north to the Spirit Circle (a little spot near the creek with a rock fire ring and lovely big trees). She walked all the way back up the hill by herself. Fell a few times and got dirty, she loved it. My little two year old is a total bad ass sometimes. She’s just marching along ahead of me and one time she fell so hard I asked her if she wanted help and got a big old sassy “No!” which made me smile of course and fold my hands patiently as she struggled to stand back up on a muddy hill with slick pine straw. She did great. We walked all over tarnation today and when we got back to the house she passed out like a suckling puppy. And then Mama got drunk! (and hugged the kitties and gave the dogs all the hotdog treats and told her man how much she loves him and kissed the baby on her cheek while she was sleeping all passed out with her mouth open.)

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