An apron for Mama too!

I liked Wildwood Baby’s apron so much I decided to make one for myself. You can follow the same directions on the tutorial for her apron, just change the measurements to suit you.

The pieces that you’ll need to cut out are the main skirt of the apron, patches for the sides, the lining, pretty trim, pockets and the waistband. Always remember to add the seam allowance.

Main skirt-Measure around your waist or where you prefer to tie the apron on then subtract for the opening in the back. Also, subtract for whatever size patches you want (I used two rows of 4″ patches-so I subtracted 16″ from the total width of the apron).
Measure down for how long you want the apron skirt to be then subtract an inch for the waistband.

Lining-Use full measurement around waist/hips for the lining (but subtract for opening in the back). Use measurement down for length (subtract for waistband).

Waistband-Cut out a strip of fabric that the length of your waist/hips measurement plus 40″ for the part that ties. This strip should be about 3″ wide.

Pockets-I think two large pockets work best, just measure for the size that you like.

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