The new Mongrel Manor (or is it Baby’s Playhouse?)

This is our almost finished Canine Condo, Muttley Mansion, Doggie Diggs…hmmm so many possible names! It has a large door in the back for cleaning as well as two doggie doors in the front so there is no fighting over the entrance and there is a fabulous front porch. I’m not even going to say how long it has taken us to get it this far…and I use the term “us” loosely here, because it is Wildwood Papa’s project. He has been fortunate to have help from the family, yay for family!

It has a roof now.

Doors and siding will go up next. Wildwood Baby considers it her own little playhouse too, which is pretty darn adorable.

5 thoughts on “The new Mongrel Manor (or is it Baby’s Playhouse?)

  1. Hey All,Grandad Smith said the dog shed is looking good! He only wishes he could have helped to swing the hammer and say goodbye to the temporary roofing….lol.Granny Smith


  2. ALSO Wildwood Family,Willett’s Whildwood Cherry Grandad Smith says, Wildwood Baby deserves a Barbie Playhouse, come springtime! Grandad Smith


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