Babies and furbabies living together in harmony

Wildwood Baby loves the dogs and she loves the cats. She hugs them, kisses them, bosses them around something unmerciful. Sometimes they run from her, most of the time they just take it.
And other times, well, other times they give her some of the best furry love. Here’s Jonathan giving her a sweet, whiskery kiss. Most of these photos are from when she was a very little baby, but they show how seriously the cats and dogs took on the role of caretaking. I’m thankful to them for their dedication. When we first brought her home everyone checked her out, gently snuffling her little newborn-froggy legs. They took their role as guardians very, very seriously. We had to watch them around visitors because they were extra protective. When she goes outside there is usually a dog or two closeby to keep an eye on her. The dogs are happy to clean up any mess she makes concerning food and everyone loves to play together. When she sleeps in the bed there is always a kitty pressed up against her to keep her warm. They like to bring her gifts as well.
Seamus loves to play footsie with her.
Here’s a photo of our nephew and his dog when he first came home. Look at the those sweet faces!

There is, without a doubt, extra work keeping harmony in the home with cats, dogs and babies all living together, especially when it comes to keeping everything clean, but man, is it worth it!

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