Glitter Girl

Who knew glitter could get in so many places? Glitter is sparkly, lovely, mesmerizing…insidious. We had to take baths after the glitter-capades and let me just say, glitter is like sand when you are at the beach. You just don’t realize all the places it can go until you’re in the shower. Whoa.
We are still sweeping up golden glitter. It reminds me of when my oldest sister went through her “fairy dust” phase (she never really got out of it). You would be sitting primly, maturely at the kitchen table discussing the state of the nation or some other nonsense when suddenly a hailstorm of glitter and fairy dust would rain down on your head, accompanied by mischievous giggling and the sound of birkenstocks clap clapping away as she made a run for it. Ah man!
It’s too bad she wasn’t visiting when we were doing glitter crafts because Wildwood Girl could have shown her a thing or two!

2 thoughts on “Glitter Girl

  1. LOL, I can so relate to this post. Ha Ha, Sophie and I had the same kind of day a few weeks ago, there is still glitter to be found, even the dog was glitterized. Blessings.


  2. I once sprinkled glitter in my hair for Christmas while in high school…it was all the rage then… meanwhile, it sifted down and coated my scalp and STUCK TIGHT. Took weeks to wash it all out.


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