Granny decorating

For anyone who doubts my granny decorating taste, this ought to do the trick. I have been accused (and rightfully so) of having granny taste, particularly when it comes to bathing suits and purses so I suppose it isn’t too surprising that it translates to my house as well.

Agnes next to a 1940 Philco Radio that still works but can’t get reception out here in the woods. Mama and I found it at an estate auction years ago when I was just a young whipper snapper.

I am so in love with this dining room set. Found it at a thrift store for a grand total of $80. Did I say that I’m in love with it? Because I am. I’m in love with it. Someday I’ll find two more chairs to go with it.

And finally, the painting…well, the print I scored at the Goodwill for $10. When I saw it there shoved in the corner just waiting for someone to notice it, my old granny heart was thrilled by the sheer size of it, the dark wooden frame, the harvest scene printed on 70’s poster board. Not even before I had this treasure safely stuffed in my cart, an old lady came up to admire it. Then another. I placed my hand proprietarily on the frame and admired it along with them. As Riona and I walked the aisles, two more grey haired vixens asked me about it and another followed behind us a little too closely. I’m glad Riona was there with me, otherwise they surely would have taken me down for it. No matter, it is safe at home with us now.

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