Journal: Red tailed hawks and birds, birds, birds

Image Copyright Neil Rizos


I went outside today to get a break from my persistent non-productive online workday. Hiding under my big blue table umbrella in the front yard, I just vegged out, watching the bees and the dragonflies zooming around at the edge of the woods and listening to some smallish creature crunching around in the brush. It’s hot and dry and the leaves are turning yellow either from the coming of fall or the total lack of rain. Today is the Fall equinox but it’s still 90 degrees…autumn in the south comes late.

Directly above me, I heard the cry of a juvenile red tailed hawk. We have more hawks on our side of the land than crows…my sister calls her place Crow Hill, she has so many down that way. The two bird clans are not friendly, as just about anyone out in the country knows. I’ve seen and heard some brutal tree top and aerial fights out this way.I’ve been getting so many bird signs and bird medicine lately that it is almost too much to process and here today was a really lovely one. I peaked out from my umbrella to watch two young hawks playing on the wind as a larger hawk circled nearby, the red of her tail and the white of her under wings flashing in the sunlight.
They swooped and dived and cried out their freedom ringing hawk screams. I watched in delight as they played and swooped across the big blue sky. The larger hawk soared off very in a very dignified manner to the northwest, leaving the younger ones to continue their raucous play as they made their way through the sky. One in particular was having a great time tucking his wings to dive then swooping back up to glide on the high wind currents.

What a lovely sight to see on this Autumn Equinox.

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