Journal: What my sister wrote…

the death River did not want us again sister. maybe it was the calling of another life time ago
but not on Wednesday with the cool air and autumn winds.
the River only wanted to give us strength to live this life in Peace and to go home to see our families.
the rat man and the the drunken old man did come to end our lives but we won regardless of their evil.
we did good.
never again will i be unaware of another’s malice or intentions. regardless of their casual smiles.
with our friend’s dreams of swimming in the river looking for us and the purple scarf turning black on the hands of time…is a scary confirmation…but in her dream we called to her and said, ‘look again, it is purple’.
so we survived.
and i’m calling the police…
go with your instincts. good Lord never stray from your inner voice because it can save your life.
they did not harm us because we showed no fear…even when they said they were not bad and wanted to know what the Death card meant…
even though they stunk of alcohol and sat too close…
next time we are bringing dogs and baseball bats

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