Pomegranates and a homey kind of Halloween

Persephone was tempted by the jewel like seeds of the pomegranate and I can see why. Its seeds cluster inside like crystals growing deep in the earth and they sparkle in the sunlight. The pomegranate is a study in opposites…its seeds are juicy with a crunchy bit in the middle…sweet with a hint of bitterness. A lovely fruit to have on Samhain along with curry and ginger chicken in the slow cooker and a candle burning in honor of our loved ones who have passed onto the Summerland.

I don’t really have a good way to seed pomegranates but I do know that you cut the top off, score the sides a little then pop the sections out…I figure it’s every man for his own at that point and you just get the darn seeds out whichever way works.


Mark is practicing Cripple Creek in the background and Riona is marauding around, dropping sucked on pips wherever she goes. Oh and I don’t really see the point of the water in the bowl…the pom membranes are supposed to float to the top or something but I’m not really good at following instructions when it comes to food so whatever.

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