A Walk in the Icey Woods

The ice never really melted today and we are still unable to get a car up the hill…living in a hollow in the woods does have its drawbacks I suppose…but really, how often does it ice up for a whole week in the deep south? Oddly enough it didn’t seem as cold as yesterday and our walk in the woods was rather delightful.
I won’t mention the rise in bitchiness and cabin fever that we are all experiencing…in fact, there is some in-fighting going on right now...but getting outside was most definitely a breath of fresh air.

Whenever I am overcome by the beauty of it all, I am compelled to flop down rather indelicately and just soak it all in…today was no different.

One thought on “A Walk in the Icey Woods

  1. I love your skirt! Did you make it yourself? I wear patchy skirts in the summer but don't have any cord or flannel ones for winter. The green and cream is gorgeous!


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