Sun’s Ladder for the Summer Solstice

We slept through Midsummer’s Eve…I think I slept almost thirteen hours…woke up on the day of the Solstice rested but really out of it. When my sister told me happy solstice…I didn’t have a clue. I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten it! We always leave out gifts for the Fae and they leave a little something for Riona to find in the morning. No matter though…how is one day different than any other when it comes to holidays right? So, we all made a Sun Loving Rainbow Harmony Ladder and we left out some milk and honey and trinkets for the Fae.
Riona and I picked out rainbow colored pony beads, jewelry bits, mostly gold beads but a few silver too of course, pasta wheels and little bells from a broken anklet. I cut three long pieces of hemp and tied them to a stick to tie to braid. That night we all sat together and as I braided it, we slid the beads down the strings. Once it was done, we put the feathers in. Riona picked where she wanted it to go and when I see it I think of the warmth of the sun and its radiating harmony.

Inspiration and instructions came from Joelle’s Sacred Grove. Joelle’s instructions:
“Make a Witch’s Ladder (another fun family project) using three colored yarns (red, black, and white for the Triple Goddess) braided together to be three feet long. Add nine feathers all the same color for a specific charm (such as green for money) or various colors for a more diverse charm, tie ends and hang up. Colors are red for vitality, blue for peace and protection, yellow for alertness and cheer, green for prosperity, brown for stability, black for wisdom, black and white for balance, patterned for clairvoyance, and iridescent for insight.”

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