Wildwood Craftings Original Photography and Twiggy Frames

My passion, Wildwood Craftings is on Etsy…original photography and twiggy frames!

Important things to know…all of my photos are originals and I use archival photo paper with a lustre coating that will last a lifetime. My Twiggy Frames are very sturdy. I use harvested wood, cotton fabric, matte board backing, glue and hemp twine for a durable and well built structure. Also, each photo is bordered by black photo corners. I make sure that every angle of my frames are pretty and finished out (front, back, sides, etc).

I have found great joy in making my Twiggy Frames. Every step of this process has brought adventure, harmony and expression into my life. I go for walks and harvest the branches and twigs, always with gratitude for the gift the trees are giving me. Sitting out under the blue umbrella in the yard, I cut the branches down to shape. They cure for about a month then are ready to be crafted into a frame. My photographs are original and printed on archival quality paper. The subjects vary…but my favorites are birds, old barns, the river out my way and of course the woods. Putting these frames together is like having a conversation with the trees and the image on the photo paper…I am quiet when I pick out the twigs and place them together so that I can hear what they have to say…how they want to lay together to make a window in a Fey world.

Some of my fave frames and photos…

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