Scaredy cat

To Beau, my beloved  black cat who still runs when I make a sudden and unexpected movement in his direction…You are right to run in abject terror when I shift positions on the couch unexpectedly or maybe change directions while walking through the house or even when I drop something in the kitchen because really Beau, you just never know when I might decide I love you so much that I want to eat you. It isn’t a far stretch of the imagination that even after rescuing you off the highway when you were just a kitten, loving and caring for you after all these years…eleven to be exact…that I might one day just say to myself, hmmm…I’ve never eaten a cat before, I bet it would go well with risotto and mushrooms. So, yes. You are right to run, scramble, skedaddle…all those things you do so well…as long as you come back in a few moments and snuggle in again…once you deem it safe to, of course.

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