Journal: Visit from my Guardian

I was getting sleepy…in the beta zone and, meditating on my chakras. I had just movedup to the sacral chakra when very quickly a woman bent over me, looking at my right sacral chakra area and said “there is something on your spleen.”. It freaked me out and I woke up. I’ve been doing research on that area. It’s the sacral chakra but it’s also called the spleen chakra even though the spleen is actually a lot higher and on the left side not where she was looking on the right. She meant there is an energy blockage, energy problem there. I agree with her. She was very matter of fact, an older woman, how I picture my great grandmother…Jennie…the one that my mother loved very much. She also had a little dog named Bonnie and I’ve always felt a connection to her.

When i came out that trancey zone and woke up, solstafir was in my head.

My sister did an angel reading on her for me.
“This Guardian is someone you can trust and they do want you to focus and become a leader because you have a good vision of healing
Your guardian is going to help you move forward and to help heal you.
The Angels want you to know that you are heading into a new phase in your life.
Your guardian and the angels are helping you to see new opportunities and possibilities.Your ability to be a healer and an artist will go into a new phase and your guardian will help you have better psychic abilities.

She pulled the card for Jeremiel, the Archangel of Renewal and Transformation…being called to a new life purpose. I did a beautiful meditation with him from Lisa Beachy’s youtube site.
He helps us to review the past with compassion and let go of things we no longer need.

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