Journal: Archangel Michael

Yesterday I saw a lone turkey vulture on the driveway. He was lovely, swooping in front of my car up into a tree then back down the driveway. He reminded me of the work I’ve done in the past with Vulture. Vulture and the Archangel Michael are similar to me…they both help us to let go of anything that no longer serves us. I had a dream once of Vulture, he was a sensual young man with a heart of gold. In his land, the lost ones, animal and human comforted each other and took care of each other. Both Archangel Michael and Vulture will help you to let go of the things you are carrying that are holding you back.
Letting go of these things doesn’t mean you don’t love or honor that part of yourself…you are not letting go of the experience or the strength it has given you…you are letting go of the heaviness and the pain.

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