Journal: Erik Bear

I did a meditation to meet a Spirit Guide and a male presence came through that I have felt for probably my whole life …his name is Erik but old Norse Erik and Bear, so his name is Erik Bjorn or he is related to Bear Spirit. He is very kind and very powerful . Like an old loving forest spirit but I don’t think he was always so…I think he very cruel in life but has taught himself great kindness over the years. like King of Pentacles❤️❤️❤️ it’s exciting to know his name after all these years. He is more than a vague presence in my psyche . Our Guides don’t seem to mind that we are oblivious, it is true unconditional love.

i know. its so cool. In the meditation you relax and get into the zone then you imagine your Guide and i started feelig him…i recognized him from other times. Then i asked hisname and Erik popped into my head. and i literally, was like Eric?? My spirit guides name is Eric…LOL. So he gave me his other name “Bear”. Im such a brat. I wanted a cool

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