Journal: Boarding school past life

My first vision of this particular life came to me a while ago. I was a young girl, sitting in an old fashioned classroom…a lot of dark wood, light streaming through the windows making the dust mites dance. A boy was sitting next to me but one seat down, wearing a faded blue button down shirt. The fabric looked very soft. He was sad and he was looking out the window, I was looking at him.

A few years later I had another vision, lots of children hurrying down the walkway, getting to class. I was one of them. It was hustle and bustle and get your butt to class time.
The last one I had recently. I was sitting with the sad boy. I was about 7 or 8 years old, he was older than me…maybe 10. He was sad and angry most of the time, but I did seem to cheer him up a bit. He hadn’t been at the boarding school for very long and he remember his home. He missed it. I had been there since I was a very young child and didn’t remember anything but the school…it was my home.

In another meditation about these visions I learned that we were native american children removed from our homes and sent to boarding schools.

In another life, i was Arapaho and I worked with horses, my constant companion was a pinto mare, a medicine hat mare and we were inseperable. She is my Guide now too. 

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