Journal: Spirit Walking

On occasion when needed I offer my insight as a spirit walker. Usually, it is when someone is passing over to the next realm, usually it is for an animal or pet, but sometimes for a human. Someone of my own tribe is always there for me on this plane, today it is Agnes, the grey dilute calico with the serious eyes.

I see things, I feel things…the spirit shows me what needs to be shown, sometimes I ask, sometimes we kiss or hug. My guardians stay close to me. And when it is done, I know because the spirit gently fades away or strides determined away. One beautiful spirit, burst into the cosmos as a star nova.

The entirety of a life, moving on to the next phase, transitioning. Who will remember this life? Who will remember the rebellious nature of a young girl hitchhiking down a pine tree lined road…an older cat with a plate of food, circling my legs in the woods as the green cathedral of leaves shimmer overhead?

The spirit walking is sacred, it is mundane…it is a way to communicate and pass on messages. I never know when I step foot on the path, if the messages will come and I wonder for a second if I will disappoint someone or if the message will not make sense but then that passes and I take another step on the path.

Usually, after a journey, I cry a little. A little because I am sad, but also because of the beauty of it. This life, this one spirit’s journey that spiraled out from a different transition…there is so much to this one life that no one will ever really know or even remember and I feel…at the same time…a sorrow for a whole passing existence, for all this beauty that will be forgotten…and a relief that it will be forgotten, that it will turn into another spirit, just as the body turns into earth and green life. This beautiful beautiful, happy sad life will move onto another happy sad life and time is simply a river that our spirits can move freely in and out of. Mostly I feel honored to have been a part of it in some small way.



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