Journal: Kitty Messages

Last night one of my kitties Ivan jumped up on my shoulder while i was about to fall asleep and stuck his paw directly in my ear. I held very still, amused at first then intent on receiving his message. I heard the words “nightingale” and “fresh water” in my head. I waited some more in case there was another message then thought ok, nightingale and fresh water? Oh…nightingale totem and dear boy, you need some fresh water! I found this on Colette Baron-Reid’s site and felt that we can all benefit from this message  “In the darkness of night, Nightingale Spirit sings her song of love and hope, a harbinger of dawn to remind you that the sun will rise again soon. You are so loved, and the illumination song of the Nightingale Spirit calls you to a new level of self-awareness and connection with the Light.”

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