Journal: War dream

I dreamed about being a large house, I think it was an orphanage or children’s home because all the children lived upstairs. An invading army came through, went upstairs and attacked the children. We couldn’t stop them. Many of the children were mutilated, in particular their legs. They had killed our horses too.

We helped the surviving children as well as we could. Bandaging them up, teaching them how to ride horses again so we could flee. This happened over a period of months so I think we were in hiding somewhere.

Many years later, I was working undercover for a company that was secretly funding the invading country. I was there with my best friend and confidante, a cranky skinny old woman. we were both very skinny. We only ate what we had to, and saved the rest for those who needed it. I was fussing at her, “have you eaten anything today at all?” and she would say yes, yes i have. “I don’t believe you, what have you eaten?” it was the end of the day, in the evening. “I had two stewed tomatoes earlier in the day!” she said hotly and i just shook my head because who can live on only two stewed tomatoes for the whole day?

At one point, I walked outside the building I worked in and there were gently rolling green hills all around and I remember thinking so this is what this area looked like before industrialization. So, I must have been lucid at this point. I saw a delivery truck pulling in and thought, maybe 1930s?

I woke up confused and realized I had been biting the inside of my cheek.

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