The Woodland Priestess

The Woodland Priestess
stands at the gate to your subconscious. She doesn’t need words or thoughts or definitives…she is at home in the gloaming, the in between. She listens, ears turned to hear the secrets of the spirit world as well as the known world. She does not see the difference.
Listen to your intuition and dreams now for this is a time of magick. Keep an eye out for synchronicities…coincidences and messages from your Guides. Your Magick and Power glows from you and intoxicates those around you.
Keep your secrets close and never question that power resides in your Spirit.
Secrets, the Subconscious, Magickal Power, Intuition

Watercolor flowers

I have such a complicated relationship with watercolors on paper. I love it, there is magic in the way the water and paint move on paper but sometimes it’s so frustrating! I enjoyed painting these though. I kept it light and easy but I do wish that I had left more white unpainted areas.

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Cosmic Egg 💜

She is the creating, manifesting force of Kindred Fauna Oracle. From the Finnish Kalevala… “One egg’s lower half transformed And became the earth below, And its upper half transmuted And became the sky above; From the yolk the sun was made, Light of day to shine upon us; From the white the moon was formed, Light of night to gleam above us; All the colored brighter bits Rose to be the stars of heaven And the darker crumbs changed into Clouds and cloudlets in the sky.”

The Luminary

Her name is The Luminary because she is a guiding light along your soul path. She is always by your side, if you doubt your beautiful purpose look into her eyes and she will remind you how worthy you are, how deserving of blessings you are and that yes, you should take another step on your great journey.

Kindred Fauna Oracle


I would like to officially introduce a project that I have been working on for a few years now. It is starting to come together into a more cohesive entity and it is called Kindred Fauna Oracle. I still have a ton of work to do but I have enough paintings now that I was able to print a small deck out just for personal reference. It is so exciting to see my paintings as oracle cards!

I have been working with animal guides for many years now, certainly my whole life but mainly in the past ten years, I have been really aware of their active presence in my life. I would like to share this wisdom with others through my art and my interpretations of various animal totems and guides.

This will be a long journey and I hope that you will follow along with me. I have many Guides still to paint and many are still waiting for me to fully understand their message.