The Luminary

Her name is The Luminary because she is a guiding light along your soul path. She is always by your side, if you doubt your beautiful purpose look into her eyes and she will remind you how worthy you are, how deserving of blessings you are and that yes, you should take another step on your great journey.

Kindred Fauna Oracle


I would like to officially introduce a project that I have been working on for a few years now. It is starting to come together into a more cohesive entity and it is called Kindred Fauna Oracle. I still have a ton of work to do but I have enough paintings now that I was able to print a small deck out just for personal reference. It is so exciting to see my paintings as oracle cards!

I have been working with animal guides for many years now, certainly my whole life but mainly in the past ten years, I have been really aware of their active presence in my life. I would like to share this wisdom with others through my art and my interpretations of various animal totems and guides.

This will be a long journey and I hope that you will follow along with me. I have many Guides still to paint and many are still waiting for me to fully understand their message.

Our Lady of Divine Secrets

Our Lady of Divine Secrets

I am holding something back, holding something secret and precious near to my heart. It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s not that I’m shy or insecure. No, I am none of those things. I soar through the night, my silent flight a deadly threat to the small and hiding things of the wood. I am not afraid, my feathers hold their secrets close. They are my treasures, mine and mine alone. They keep me warm through the cold, ice laced winters. My secrets are my power, like the crystals growing deep beneath the earth, they power my compassion, my love for the world, my oneness…even when it is harsh and cruel and makes no sense.

Our Lady of Divine Secrets has a great reserve of power that each of us has and can call upon when we feel like there is no more room for love in our world. Her secrets are her own to keep, as are yours. What beautiful secrets light your path when the night is darkest?

Lady of the Tipped Moon

She came out of the grasses, treasured orb in hand and looked around her. Her nose twitched as she tested the air. She had been dreaming, for quite some time it seemed and was having trouble distinguishing what was real and what was not.

This grass is real, she thought to herself and this lovely summer moon. I could walk for days and never find flowers as rosy pink as these.


Lizard totem, Spirit Walker, Dream Companion

11×14 watercolor mixed media on canvas

As I do more work in the spirit world, I am faced with a quiet lapse in confidence. I question if my visions will have meaning in the waking world…what if they don’t? And as I sit with these fears and questions, I realize that it doesn’t matter and more importantly, what does matter is a self belief. The messages will come as they are needed. For my own self, I can interpret them how I please and for others, they can do the same. Lizard came to me to reinforce this philosophy and to remind me that I should have self confidence in my visions and my spirit walks…and to simply trust in my guides and my own abilities.

We have an abundance of lizards out here in the woods as well as all kinds of other critters. My daughter and I love to see who is hanging out on the deck all different times of the day. We get the usual southeastern varieties of anoles and fence lizard and skinks. This past weekend, I came face to face with a big fence lizard, his belly shining bright blue in the sunlight. I had never noticed that they had blue bellies. He rolled his lizard eye up to look at me and we hung out for a little while until I called folks out to see him. I knew that I was noticing him for a reason, that my awareness of him was a message from my guides. “Trust, open, accept…believe in yourself and your abilities, as strange as they may seem at times.”