Kindred Fauna Oracle

Update: my first batch of decks sold out rather quickly but I will receive another shipment in November.

“Kindred Fauna Oracle is a 52 card deck of original paintings by Laura Heilman. This powerful oracle deck focuses on the strength and beauty of the emotional world and encourages living a connected life. Animal Spirit Guides are always with us, but sometimes it is difficult to understand their messages and apply them to our lives. Kindred Fauna Oracle will build a bridge between spirit world and this world so we can receive the wisdom and guidance that our Animal Spirit Guides want to share with us.

Through daily card pulls, rituals and meditation, Kindred Fauna Oracle will help you connect with your Animal Spirit Guides. A great way to get to know the cards is to lay them out in front of you then choose the Guide you are most attracted to. Go through the cards again and choose the animal you like the least. Both of these Guides are with you, the former is here now to support you, the latter is something that you need to work on. Check back after you have used the deck for a while and notice if your feelings have changed and how.”